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Désign des serres

The R&D Department of J.Huete, has state-of-the-art software for the realization of different designs of greenhouses structure...

Security measures in greenhouses

The evolution of the agricultural sector under plastic tends to make structures of greenhouses increasingly higher and wider to improve the control of the climatic and agronomic conditions...

Rain and Crop Drainage Recirculation Systems

Water is an increasingly scarce and vital resource for the existence of the human being, and we are more aware of it every day. That is why, if we have the technology that allows it, it is a mistake not to include Rain and Crop Drainage Recirculation Systems, in the Integral Greenhouse Projects that are developed, in order to take care of this invaluable natural resource....

Different covering materials for greenhouses

Nowadays and due to the big advances produced in the world of the agriculture and the greenhouses, as well as the globalization of the market of these, we have a great variety of available products ...


Ici vous pouvez visualiser ces Foires et / ou des Événements dans lesquelles J.Huete est ou sera présente.

J.Huete a été à la foire Geentech Exhibition 2016 qui a eu lieu au RAI Ámsterdam les 14, 15 et 16 juin....


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